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Lefkosa Regal

Regal II

Küçük Kaymaklı

Lefkoşa - Nicosia

About Regal Residence Cyp

Congratulations! You have made a wonderful selection in choosing beautiful and friendly North Cyprus for your education  and business trips. You’re in for a treat and adventure and we are here to  ensure that you enjoy your stay in comfort, luxury, beauty, and safety. Regal Residences CYP are owned and operated by Castle Rock Development which is active in Real Estate Investment and Construction. These one-of-a-kind residences are unique because they are patterned off California flats. In keeping with that flavor, you will enjoy an open floor plan and bright living space. There is a variety of sizes, prices and decor. All rooms are fully furnished. All you need to pack are your clothes, bedding, and kitchenware OR you can shop for everything all at once nearby for very reasonable prices. Living in Regal Residences offers you not only a great location in Nicosia, but also a bus route, a restaurant and park 2 minutes away, in addition to the other nearby shops and full restaurants, AND a peaceful warm environment to study, live and even entertain your friends. Each unit has a nice balcony and an assigned parking space. Inside each unit you will find a stunning layout with space for gathering, studying, cooking and dining.The kitchens offer stainless steel sinks and faucets, the latest ovens, stove and microwave, modern quartz countertops, light colored cabinets and flooring, large bright modern bathrooms and cabinetry, washer, table and chairs, barstools, beautiful windows with covering for natural lighting and spacious bedrooms and built-in closets including lighting fixtures. High Speed Internet is available as well as payment by Smart Cards for all utilities (electricity, water). Besides the sights of the island and famous beaches, the days are bright 350 days of the year. The  moon shines bright across the majestic Five Finger Mountain Range at night and adds a touch of romance. Although Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world, our security cameras are always on in hallways, entrances and parking lots 24 hours a day. And as we care for our guests just a little more, we have  installed smoke detectors and fire alarms. We offer discounts for long term leases and payment plans.We hope you will choose to contract with us. WE bring you just about everything except tucking you into bed at night. Welcome to a wonderful stay at the Regal Residences!

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